Wednesday, September 1, 2010

"Beary Best Of Friends" PTU Tut

**What you will need**

Paint Shop Pro (Any version should work)
PTU Kit "FallEverFriends_Tagger" by Wicked Princess
Bear tube included in kit
Font : Sloop
My Mask10
My cluster frame

My wordart

**This tutorial assumes that you have working knowledge of Paint Shop Pro.**

**This tutorial was written by Aimee Pryor on September 1, 2010 . Any similarity
between this tutorial and another is nothing but coincidence.
You may link back to my tutorials, but do not copy them and put them on
your own group or site of any kind. If you'd like to share your creation,
you may email them to me at and I will share them here :o)

First download your font, my cluster frame, and wordart.
Open both the wordart and cluster in your PSP... minimize wordart
for the moment.

Open a new 600 x 600 image in your PSP.
Resize my cluster frame by 85% - Then copy and paste
as new layer. Using your selection tool - set to circle -
draw out a circle just a shade bigger than the inner frame.
Choose a paper from the kit, resize 85% - Copy and paste as
new layer. Selections - Invert - Delete. KEEP SELECTED!!
Move this paper layer below the frame layer.

Now let's grab the bear from the kit, isn't he cute?! :o)
No need to resize him, he's perfect!! Copy and paste as
new layer. Move to the right edge of the frame image and
hit delete. Select none. Make the frame layer active and
re-paste the bear. Align him evenly with the bottom bear layer.
Using your eraser, erase his foot area. Now it looks like he's coming
out at us :o) (And he's got a flower for Tooty!!) Add a drop shadow
to the bottom bear tube layer of 2, -2, 60, 10 - Black.
(Repeat this shadow for the frame layer also)

Now I only used a couple extra elements aside from what's
in the cluster frame. So I'll just list what they were.
Butterfly - Resized 20 % - Drop shadow added.
Bow - Resized 30% - Drop shadow added.

X out bottom layer - Merge visible. Resize just this layer 85%.
Resize wordart by 85% - Copy and paste as new layer. Arrange
to your liking. Merge visible. Resize just image layer to 500 X 500 pixels.
Un X the bottom layer - Select all - Choose a paper from the kit
Copy and paste INTO selection. Select none.
Layers - New Mask Layer - From Image - Scroll until you come across
my mask10. Apply. Merge group. Resize mask layer by 90%.
Merge visible - Resize again if you'd like to.

Add your name and all copyright info. Then save as .png for a transparent
background and .jpg for a white background.

Hope you enjoyed this tut!!
Thanks for trying it out!!

**The cluster frame was also made from this kit**

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