Wednesday, July 28, 2010

"Carry Me In Your Heart" PTU Tut

*What you will need*
PaintShopPro (any version should work)
Font I used : Bickham Script Fancy
Tube © Igolochka
Mask by Me

**This tutorial assumes that you have working knowledge of Paint Shop Pro.**
**This tutorial was written by Aimee Pryor on July 27,2010. Any similarity between
this tutorial and another is nothing but coincidence. You may link back to my tutorials, but do
not copy them and put them on your own group or site of any kind. If you'd like to share your creation, you may email them to me at and I will share them here :o) Thanks!**

Open a new 600 x 600 pixel image.
Have the folder that holds the kit open for easy access to the elements
and etc.  Open my mask in PSP and minimize for later use.
Also open the tube you're going to be using and minimize.

From the kit, let's grab a frame... I chose to use tp_heart string3 as
my frame.  Resize by 70% - Copy and paste as new layer onto your new
image.  Move it down slightly, to allow us room at the top
of the image for our deco.  When you've got it where you want it,
Choose a paper from the kit, Resize 60% - On your image, using the magic wand tool, click inside the frame - then selections - modify - expand by 2 -
Copy and paste your paper as a new layer.  Selections - Invert - Delete.
KEEP SELECTED!!  Now let's add the tube you've chosen, if using the same one
I did, resize her 50% - Copy and paste as new layer.  Arrange her to your
liking then hit delete.  Select none.  Now make the frame layer
active and paste your tube again, making sure to line the top copy
up just right with the bottom copy.  When lined up, using your eraser,
erase the bottom part of the tube that goes beyond the frame.
Add a drop shadow of : 2, -2, 60, 10 - Black to the bottom tube layer.
Also add that same shadow to the frame layer.

Just to ensure that we have plenty of room to work with, let's
resize our canvas to 800 x 700.  Don't worry... we'll be resizing near the end.
Alrighty...with the frame paper layer active... 
Choose a deco item from the kit, I chose tp-deco6 - Resized by 50%
Copy and paste as new layer.  Arrange just to the right of the tag.
Duplicate the layer - Mirror the copy. Merge down.  Duplicate and then
arrange to your liking.  Apply drop shadow. (You should be able to see some
of the flowers from the deco... on the paper layer... hence the reason I
did it this way)

Make the bottom layer active...
Now let's choose another deco item from the kit.  This time I chose
tp-deco3 - Resized 45% - Copy and past as new layer.  Make sure
this layer is below all the other layers.  Arrange to the right of the tag,
slightly.. then duplicate - Mirror - Merge down.  Duplicate again -
Arrange to your liking - Merge down.  Apply same drop shadow.

Lookin' good!  Let's make the frame layer active.
Alright, let's choose yet another deco... I chose tp-springtime deco3
Resize by 45% - Copy and paste as new layer.  Arrange onto the right
side of the tag, towards the bottom, look at my tag for placement
if needed.  Apply same drop shadow as before, changing the blur
to 5.  Now to top that off, grab a flower from the kit, I chose tp-singlerose1
You shouldn't need to resize the flower, Copy and paste as new layer.
Arrange to your liking, I placed mine where the bottom point
of the heart frame would be.  Add drop shadow (the one we've
been using throughout the tut).

One last touch... the mask!
First...let's resize things a bit.  X out the bottom layer of your
image...then merge visible.  Crop all the opaque.
Image - Resize 80% - All layers checked.
Now let's un X our bottom layer - Select all - Choose a paper from
the kit - Paste INTO selection.  Select none.
Layer - New mask layer - From Image -
 Choose my mask ACP-TNT-Mask11  Apply.
Merge group and duplicate.  Merge the two mask layers
together.  Select all - Float - Defloat - Modify by 2
Layer - New raster - Fill that selection with white.  Select none.
Move the white layer just below the mask layer.
Merge visible.  Crop opaque.  Resize to your liking.
Add your name and all copyright info.
Save as .png for a transparent background or .jpg for a white background.
I hope you enjoyed this tut and it wasn't too confusing to you!!

Thanks :o)

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