Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Old WordArt.... Never posted!

While browsing through my folders of stuff I've made...
I came across 2 bundles of WordArt...that I've never even posted on
my estranged blog (ha ha).
Sooo.... I'm sharing them with you all now :o)

The first one is just a bundle of miscellaneous WordArt.
I think there's even one in there for winter time... lol!
Preview below

And the second one is St. Patty's day WordArt.  Yes, I know it's not
the season... but like I said... I had forgotten to share it before.

Preview below

I hope someone can use them!!  If you have downloaded my wordart
before, you'll notice that these ones are a little different than my newer
stuff... you can tell these downloads are older.. ha ha... when I first got

Anyway...Thanks for stopping by
and remember to leave some luv!!

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